Tijuana Flats Vegetarian Menu

Tijuana Flats is an American restaurant chain serving Tex-Mex specialties in the US. It is known for its fresh food and hot sauce bars. Some specialty items that you can try at Tijuana Flats are the Bangin' Chicken Burrito, Tijuana Bowl, and Dessert Flautas. Although these specialties are not suitable for the vegetarian diet, you will be surprised by the wide variety of available vegetarian options at Tijuana Flats.

According to the ingredients list provided on their website, there are up to 45 vegetarian friendly options at Tijuana Flat's that do not contain meat. Most Tex-Mex cuisines are meat-based but the good news is that these cuisines are highly customizable to fit any diet. Most of the food items at Tijuana Flats are served with meat so we recommend customizing your own wrap or bowl instead of ordering set meals or ready-to-eat food items.

For the base of your wrap or bowl, you can go for Flour Tortilla, Cilantro Lime Rice, or the Enchilada Shells. Vegetarian dressings are also available. The Avocado Ranch, Light Ranch Dressing, and the Southwest Citrus Vinaigrette are our best selections for the vegetarian diet. Wraps and burritos will not be complete without fillings. Normally, fillings are made with meat but you can always leave off the meat and choose plant-based fillings like Black Beans, Refried Beans, Salad Mix, and more. Finish off your wrap/bowl with Tijuana Flats vegetarian-friendly Salsa, Queso, or Pico de Gallo.

If you have more calorie allowance, you can choose sides as well. The Chips and Guacamole, Tijuana Trio, and Atom Bombs are just some of your vegetarian side options. Fo the vegetarians with a sweet tooth, you can enjoy the Churro Bites, Cake Pop, and Turtle Brownie at Tijuana Flats.

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