Del Taco Vegetarian Menu

Del Taco is a fast-food chain that serves Mexican cuisine and American classics such as burgers, fries, and shakes. They have over 550 locations across 14 states. What makes Del Taco unique is that, here, you can enjoy the best of both worlds-- you can satisfy your cravings for fries while trying out a Mexican burrito at the same time. With their generous amount of healthy menu options, one can say that this place is a heaven for vegetarian customers.

We analyzed all the information available online and found out that there are up to 34 vegetarian options at Del Taco for you to choose from. From appetizers to desserts, they have it all. So, how can one order vegetarian at this restaurant without getting overwhelmed?

Since it is already on their business name, let's first start with their Tacos Made Fresh menu that consists of Beyond Avocado Taco and Beyond Taco. You can pair it up with their available side dishes, such as Freshly Made Bean & Cheese Cup or the famous Crinkle-cut Fries. If not, you can also try out their entrees for a heavier meal which consists of Burritos, Veggie Bowls, Tostada, and Quesadilla (in which you can order depending on your preference since they have a variety of choices anyway).

If you're still not satisfied enough, you may consider their breakfast menu that has the Breakfast Burrito, Rollers, Taco Egg & Cheese, and of course, the very American Hash Brown Sticks. Another thing to consider is their Buck & Under menu that includes a Kid Loco Meal, Bean & Cheese Burrito, and Crunchtada Tostada.

Lastly, to make the experience with Del Taco complete, you should also check out their desserts which have Mini Churro Dipper Shake, Caramel Cheesecake Bites, and Mini Churros. People don't need to worry much about looking for a vegetarian-friendly place because this for sure is one that can be added to their list!

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