Del Taco Keto Menu

Del Taco is known for their delicious tacos and other Mexican fast food at great prices. Like most Mexican restaurants, Del Taco has a lot of high carb options that will be off limits but if you're wondering how to eat keto at this popular spot, you'll be happy to know that they do offer a handful of options in the 15g carb range. While not exactly low carb, you can at least satisfy your craving without completely kicking yourself out of ketosis.

We analyzed the Del Taco Menu and nutrition facts and found that there are up to 28 keto options at Del Taco depending on your carb allowance. Chances are if you are eating keto at Del Taco, you want some tacos! The lowest carb option at Del Taco is also one of the cheapest; the Crunchy Value Taco comes in at only 7g of net carbs per taco. Other popular taco options like Chicken al Carbon, Carne Asada and Habanero Chicken tacos all hover around 15-20g of net carbs. Technically these could fit into your keto diet if you keep your carb count very low throughout your other meals.

Some other tasty keto meals at Del Taco are the Mini Taco Salad (10g), Mini Bacon Quesadilla (14g), and their delicious selection of Breakfast Tacos (14g). Obviously you'll have to avoid tortilla chips as these can add up quickly. We also recommend limiting your sauces as they can also contain unexpected amounts of carbohydrates.

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