Taco John's Keto Menu

Taco Johns brings its Mexican flavors to 400 restaurants across 23 states and specializes in crispy tacos, handmade salsas and their signature Potato Olés. Most Mexican restaurants are typically tortilla and carb-heavy, so how do the keto options at Taco Johns stack up?

According to information on the restaurant’s website, there are 18 keto options available at Taco Johns containing less than 20g of carbs.

If you’re looking for keto food at Taco Johns it's best to avoid all of the Burritos because the tortilla wrap alone contains upwards of 40g of carbs. Unfortunately their breakfast items and Potato Olés will also be off limits due to the amount of carbs in the potatoes.

However, the tacos here are a solid option for someone looking to eat keto at Taco Johns. We recommend the Crispy Taco which is the lowest carb offering they have; it contains only 10g of net carbs and comes with Sirloin Steak or Chicken as the filling. If you have a surplus of carbs to spare you can also consider their Chicken Bacon Guac Street Taco or the Chicken Snack Quesadilla for less than 20g of net carbs! Their breakfast items are also borderline keto-friendly coming in at 19g of carbs.

The keto menu at Taco Johns is a bit limited unfortunately (with the exception of the Crispy Tacos). Unless you've been watching your carbs closely all day, most of the items here will be at the upper limit of your allowed daily carb intake.

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