Taco Bueno Keto Menu

Taco Bueno is a staple of the Tex-Mex fast food scene in the Southwest. But is Taco Bueno keto friendly? Taco Bueno has 33 keto menu options available that are under 20 grams of carbohydrates.

The best keto options at Taco Bueno that we recommend are the Extra Cheesy Party Taco for 7g carbs or the Crispy Chicken taco for 10g of carbs. Surprisingly, the taco shells at Taco Bueno are not as high in carbohydrates as other chains which gives you some extra flexibility when ordering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An order of small chips at Taco Bueno has 44g of carbs. Unfortunately these are not a great choice for a keto or low carb diet.
The Party Burrito at Taco Bueno has 33.5 grams of carbohydrates. This is reasonably low for a burrito but it still contains enough carbs to kick you out of ketosis, which makes it an acceptable choice for a low carb diet but not for the keto diet.
The Beef Taco Platter and Chicken Taco Platter both contain over 120 grams of carbs.

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