Rubio's Keto Menu

Rubio's is a fast-casual Tex-Mex Restaurant offering a wide range of foods and seafoods on their menu. Most well known for their fish tacos - shrimp, Mahi-Mahi or Wild Salmon. All Tex-Mex restaurants offer customizable bowls that are perfect for people eating a keto diet. They offer low-carb protein choices, salad greens and keto-friendly salsas. We've researched their menu and nutrition information to show you the best keto foods to order at Rubio's.

According to their nutrition information on their website, there are up to 25 keto options at Rubio's with less than 20g of net carbs. Popular keto food at Rubio's include Chopped Salad, a keto-style salad with your choice of salmon or steak, and Balsamic and Grilled Veggie Salad; it is a keto-style salad with salmon. However, there are still many options on their menu that are a fit for your keto diet. We do recommend trying their Keto-Style Cheese Tortilla. It is a blend of different cheeses such as mozzarella, Monterey Jack, and white cheddar. They cook it in a flat grill until it becomes a golden crispy layer. You can request their keto-friendly taco in replace of their flour or corn tortilla when ordering any of their tacos and has only 2g of carbs per cheese tortilla.

But that's not all, Rubio's also offers their newest keto option, their California Bowl with Cauliflower Rice. You can request the cauliflower rice as the gluten-free, lower carbohydrates alternative to Mexican or citrus rice for your bowl and served with your choice of protein. Cauliflower rice makes a perfect side dish with your keto-style cheese taco. Make sure to avoid their citrus rice and anything made with tortilla including burritos which is made with Mexican rice, soft tacos, tortilla chips. Also avoid black beans.

Rubio's Street Taco has the least amount of carbohydrate on it. It only contains cilantro, onion, and guacamole. So if you want to enjoy eating taco without feeling guilty, then you should try it!

It is important to always check on the foods you order, especially sauces and toppings as they can easily cause your carbohydrates count to become unmanageable.

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