Uncle Julios Keto Menu

Uncle Julio’s promises to serve its handcrafted recipes in a welcoming environment. It is most known for its fajitas, guacamole, margaritas and tex-mex favorites. Uncle Julio’s food can be enjoyed in 35 restaurants across 11 different states. 

According to the menu on the restaurant’s website there are 63 keto options at Uncle Julio’s. From the appetizers we recommend the guacamole, chile con queso, guacamole and queso combo and the cowboy queso but we suggest avoiding the quesadillas because of the carb load.

You could also choose a salad from the Uncle Julio’s keto options like the acapulco seafood salad to which you could add grilled beef fajita or the mesquite grilled salmon. Another keto food at Uncle Julio’s is the grilled taco salad which is also a good option and you can add picadillo or fajita beef to it as well as a range of dressings like chipotle ranch, ranch, citrus vinaigrette or three pepper ranch. 

We suggest avoiding the fajitas and enchiladas because of the carbs in the tortilla wraps. A great alternative to these would be the taco bar where you can have a lettuce wrap instead of a traditional corn tortilla. In this dish you can choose your keto-friendly base such as nacho cheese, cotija cheese or chipotle cream. Then you can choose your protein such as steak, chicken or pork. For dessert you could choose a mini cajeta which has 16g of fat and 35g of carbs or a scoop of vanilla ice cream with 72g of fat and 21g of carbs and is the lowest carb dessert on the menu. 

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