Torchy's Tacos Keto Menu

Torchy's Tacos is a staple in Texas and other parts of the mid-West but is it keto friendly? The short answer is somewhat! There are 13 keto options available at Torchy's Tacos that have less than 20g of carbs. Most of these options however are going to put you very close to your total carb allowance for the day so if you want to eat keto at Torchys Tacos make sure these are the only carbs you eat all day!

If you are ordering keto tacos at Torchy's make sure to get them on flour instead of corn. While corn tortillas are usually lower in carbs, at Torchy's Tacos they have about 10g more carbs than the flour tortillas.

The best low carb options at Torchy's that we recommend are the Beef Tacos on flour with Tomatillo sauce for 15g of carbs or a Little Wrecker with 3 chicken tenders for 14g of carbs.

While Torchy's does offer a salad called the Airstream Salad, it contains 25g of net carbs which will most likely put you outside the allowed carb range on a keto diet. We recommend to share it with a friend.

Overall, eating keto at Torchy's Tacos isn't the easiest but it's possible if you save your carbs throughout the day and eat lightly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes there are 13 keto options available at Torchy's Tacos with less than 20g of carbs.
Many of the breakfast tacos are under 20g of carbs as well as the Crossroads, Republican and Fajitas.
The Republican with Poblano sauce has 19g of carbs.

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