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Del Taco fast food chain specializing in Tacos and other Mexican inspired dishes. For a long time, gluten free diners complained about the lack of gluten free options at Del Taco but considering some of the recently added menu items it seems the chain is listening. We analyzed all the available information including their allergen menu to find out what are the gluten free options at Del Taco.

According to their allergen menu, there are 8 gluten free menu items available at Del Taco depending on your level of gluten sensitivity. In an effort to be more transparent about the gluten free options at Del Taco, the company have also released their full ingredients list which lists the 51 ingredients that are gluten-friendly and those that are not.

It is possible to order gluten free tacos at Del Taco but you have to steer clear of most of their protein options as they add gluten to the chicken and pork; the Carne Asada and Beyond Meat however are free from gluten. As for tortillas, they offer gluten free Corn Tortillas but stay away from the flour tortillas. The fries at Del Taco are also considered gluten-friendly but from our understanding they are cooked in a shared fryer which may cause gluten contamination and affect those with high sensitivity.

Finally, we also recommend the Avocado Veggie Bowl and pairing it with whichever gluten free ingredients and sauces sound appealing from the ingredient list below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Crinkle Cut Fries at Del Taco are gluten free. They do not contain gluten but are prepared and fried in shared spaces with other gluten containing ingredients.
Del Taco offers 3 tacos that are gluten free when ordered on a corn tortilla; the Beyond Taco, Beyond Avocado taco and Carne Asada taco are all prepared with gluten free ingredients. The flour tortillas and every other meat option other than Carne Asada and Beyond meat contains gluten.
Tamales at Del Taco are not considered gluten free.
The only meat option that does not contain gluten at Del Taco is the Carne Asada. If you are also open to plant based alternatives, the Beyond Meat products are also gluten friendly.
Yes, Beyond Meat is gluten free.
No, Del Taco beans contain gluten and are not considered a gluten friendly option.
Unfortunately the Chili at Del Taco contains gluten and cannot be recommended as a gluten free option. The regular fries are gluten free however.
No they are not. The tortilla chips at Del Taco contain gluten and should be avoided if you have gluten sensitivity.
The Corn Tortillas at Del Taco are considered gluten free but the Flour Tortillas are not.

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