Taco Bell Gluten Free Menu

A lot of people have allergies to gluten and are looking for gluten free menu options at Taco Bell. If you’re curious if Taco Bell has a gluten free menu, then you’re in luck. Taco Bell has a wide variety of gluten free menu items to offer to its customers today. Taco Bell’s gluten free menu includes soft tacos, gordita shells and bean burritos.


At DietMenus we work hard to ensure the accuracy of our menus. We use proprietary models and a manual research team to determine which menu items fit each diet. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that all menu items are 100% accurate. We aim to provide a strong starting point by removing most of the fluff but for some diets like vegan or gluten free sometimes more questions are needed. Please use your best judgement and double check with your waiter before ordering.