Taco Bell Vegan Menu

Taco Bell is loved all over the US for its tasty tacos, chalupas, crunch wraps, and other Mexican-inspired treats. But did you know that there are also some delicious vegan options at Taco Bell?


We’ve done the research for you and found that there are 24 vegan items at Taco Bell, so you’ll have plenty of choice when you next place an order. The best way to order vegan food at Taco Bell is to make some easy swaps to the listed menu items—just use the “Make it Veggie” button if ordering on the app, then customize the vegetarian options to remove non-vegan items like cheese or sour cream. To make things even easier, you can just ask for your food to be made “fresco style,” which means that dairy products like mayo, sour cream, and cheese will be swapped out for fresh tomatoes.


Taco Bell is currently trying out the use of Beyond Meat in its kitchens, meaning you’ll have even more options in the coming months. In the meantime, we recommend the spicy potato soft taco (without cheese, of course) and the black bean crunch wrap supreme—again, you’ll want to remove the cheese and the sour cream here, but you could always swap in the Taco Bell guacamole, which is suitable for vegans. 

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