Rosa's Cafe Vegan Menu

Rosa’s Café, affectionately known as the Tortilla Factory, is a popular casual dining establishment that sells a range of Tex-Mex–style food. It has almost 50 locations, almost all of which are in Texas. Texans dining here will be familiar with its range of tasty tacos, enchiladas, and fajitas—but they may be less familiar with how to order vegan at Rosa’s Café.


There is no specific vegan menu, but according to the normal menu available on their website, there are 4 vegan items available at Rosa’s Café. Vegans can enjoy chips with either salsa or guacamole, a guacamole salad, or a guacamole tostada with no cheese. It is worth talking to your server to check on ingredients before you place an order, as items like tortillas, refried beans, and even guacamole can often contain dairy products or animal-based fats.


Since the vast majority of the food contains meat, cheese, or sour cream, you might find it very difficult to order vegan food at Rosa’s Café. Hidden ingredients or added extras can make seemingly innocuous foods unsuitable for vegans, so it may be worth phoning ahead to ask a specific location what their vegan options are before you go. 

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