Chuy's Vegetarian Menu

Chuy's is a Mexican restaraunt that specializes in burritos, fajitas, tacos, and enchiladas. They are also known for their flour and corn tortillas homemade each day with the fresh ingredients available to the customers. Vegetarians looking for Mexican will be happy to know that Chuy's has a vegetarian menu with many delicious choices.

According to the official nutrition and allergen menu, there are 8 vegetarian options at Chuy's for you to choose from.

In their appetizer section, you can enjoy nachos with a side of mashed guacamole or quesadillas without the fajita chicken. In their taco section, enjoy soft tacos in a flour tortilla with 2x guacamole, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and a side of refried beans and Mexican rice. In their burrito section, enjoy a simple bean and cheese burrito with refried beans, Mexican rice, and your choice of toppings friendly to your specific diet.

In their enchilada, you can eat a cheesy enchilada plate in the corn tortilla with refried beans, Mexican rice, and your choice of the signature sauce. You may opt-in for their kids' meal if you want to eat a smaller portion. You can enjoy the kids' cheese quesadillas with fries, Mini bean and cheese burrito with rice and without the ranchero sauce, or cheese enchilada with a side of rice and beans and without the ranchero sauce.

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