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Subway Vegan Menu

Think of Subway and you can probably almost smell the tempting aroma that wafts out of this sandwich chain’s doors… The menu at Subway is pretty much entirely based around sandwiches, though you can also find wraps and salads. The main perk of ordering at Subway is that you can completely customize any dish to your own taste or dietary needs. This means that it is possible to eat vegan food at Subway.


According to our analysis of their online nutritional menu, there are 32 vegan options at Subway. As well as the classic sub, vegans eating at Subway can enjoy a tasty wrap or a salad. Just ask for the Veggie Delite and say no to cheese on whatever you’re ordering. You can easily customize or add any extra vegetables you love to these dishes, whether that’s crunchy banana peppers or spicy jalapeños. 


When you’re ordering vegan food at Subway, make sure to watch out for specific breads and sauces that aren’t suitable for vegans. You’ll need to avoid the Italian herbs and cheese bread, as well as the artisan flatbread. Guacamole is fair game, but make sure you pass on non-vegan dressings and sauces like the Caesar dressing, the honey mustard, the ranch, and the chipotle southwest sauce. 

Subway Vegan Options


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