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Subway Gluten Free Menu

Subway is known for its famous foot-long submarine sandwiches and its “build your own sandwich” ordering experience. This same experience caters to gluten sensitive customers as well making it super easy to customize and personalize your order to your liking.

After analyzing the allergen menu and ingredients list, we found there are up to 8 gluten free options at Subway, depending on your level of gluten sensitivity

This year, Subway has expanded its selection of different breads to include a gluten free option. It should be noted that Subway’s gluten free bread is prepared on shared equipment, meaning your gluten free option can come in contact with other menu items that are not gluten free. If this is a cause for concern, you still have the option of enjoying the other gluten free meats, salads and toppings.

If cross-contamination is not an issue, you can try any of the menu favorites; just substitute the bread for the gluten free option. Really, this gluten-free bread expands the menu to almost any item on the menu for those with gluten sensitivity.

Subway also offers a nice selection of salads which are also Gluten Free including: the Buffalo Chicken Salad, Cold Cut Combo Salad, Black Forest Ham Salad, Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt Salad, Italian BMT Salad, Roast Beef Salad, Oven Roasted Chicken Salad and Rotisserie-Style Chicken Salad.

Subway is an affordable choice for the gluten sensitive diner and the fact that they are willing to expand their menu to include gluten free options just shows how committed this popular restaurant chain is to catering to those seeking a nutritious and healthy diet.

Subway Gluten Free Options


At DietMenus we work hard to ensure the accuracy of our menus. We use proprietary models and a manual research team to determine which menu items fit each diet. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that all menu items are 100% accurate. We aim to provide a strong starting point by removing most of the fluff but for some diets like vegan or gluten free sometimes more questions are needed. Please use your best judgement and double check with your waiter before ordering.