Jimmy John's Gluten Free Menu

Jimmy John is the ultimate local sandwich that makes the sandwich of sandwiches. When it comes to gluten-free diet to eat, Jimmy John's has some great options. All of their sandwiches are available to order as lettuce wraps that make for the customer safe to eat.

According to their gluten-free menu, there are 21 gluten free options at Jimmy John's that you can enjoy, depending on your level of gluten sensitivity. Jimmy John's offers you what they call 'unwich' which is the favorite sandwich in lettuce wrap form. This is perfect for someone looking for a gluten-free menu and low carb option. You can also go with the Turkey Tom, It is made with hand-sliced turkey breast which is topped with mayo, tomato and fresh lettuce.

They also have gluten free meats such as ham, turkey, roast beef, capicola, salami and bacon. If you are looking for chips and are for gluten free, Jimmy John's serve you the gluten free sides, the Jimmy Chips! Regular Jimmy Chips and Jalapeno Jimmy Chips are the two flavors you can choose on. If you want to add flavor to the sandwich in the form of spreads, you can try avocado spread, hellman's mayo, jimmy mustard, yellow mustard, Kickin' ranch spread, and grey poupon. For gluten free vegetables and other sandwich toppings, you can try lettuce, tomato, onion, jimmy peppers and cucumbers.

If you are planning to eat at Jimmy John's and you are looking for a healthy options, you can find something in there. Eating at Jimmy John's is easy when you have many options, at other restaurant there are only limited options, but Jimmy Johns has 21 gluten free options to accompany their best selling sandwiches. Although they do not have gluten free bread, they serve unwich which is wrap with lettuce, this is love by many because of it's healthy options!

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