Jimmy John's Keto Menu

Jimmy John’s is a popular sandwich chain with close to 800 locations across America. They specialize in sandwiches so you would not expect many keto-friendly options on their menu but Jimmy John's actually offers a low carb version of most of their menu items.

We analyzed the official nutrition menu and found there are 26 keto options at Jimmy John's under 20g of net carbs. The menu is almost entirely sandwiches; these are typically served in a foot long sub roll which makes them a no-go while on keto. Fortunately, Jimmy John's has an option for keto diners known as the Unwich. The Unwich is essentially a large lettuce wrap filled with your choice of ingredients.

When ordered in an Unwich, all of the subs at Jimmy Johns are keto. Even the highest carb sub, the Gargantuan, contains only 10g of net carbs when ordered in an Unwich. There aren't many keto friendly sides at Jimmy John's; chips and cookies are out of the question but you can order the Pickle Spear for only 1g of net carbs.

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