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Which Wich Superior Sandwiches is an American fast-casual restaurant chain that has 404 locations in the US and 27 international locations in Europe and the Middle East. It is best known for its appetizing selections of sandwiches that cater to different kinds of diets. There is no available keto menu at Which Wich but we've done our research and found out how to order Keto in this restaurant.

According to the official nutrition menu, there are 16 keto options available at Which Wich with under 20g of total carbohydrates.

Which Wich signature sandwiches have high carbohydrates so you might want to avoid these options. The signature sandwich with the lowest carb count is the 3.5" Italian Grinder w/ Provolone that has 29g of total carbohydrates which is already more than the recommended daily carb intake on a keto diet. Instead, it's best to go for the Lettucewich which only has 3g of total carbohydrates. We also recommend the salad base which only has 4g of total carbohydrates.

Kids menu keto foods are available as well. We recommend the Kids Roast Beef Rollup with 1g of total carbohydrates and Kids Turkey Rollup with 2g of total carbohydrates. For a more filling keto kids meal, you can opt for the Kids dd-On, Apples with 8g of total carbohydrates.

For a low-carb side, your best bet is the Guacamole, single-serving, and Pesto Hummus, single-serving that have 2g and 5g of total carbohydrates respectively. The Side of Caprese Pasta Salad, boxed lunch is also a keto-friendly side but you should keep in mind that it has 20g of total carbohydrates.

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