Jersey Mike's Subs Keto Menu

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a chain of sandwich restaurants. Just like in similar restaurants (Subway, for example), sandwiches at Jersey Mike’s are made to order, so it’s easy enough to customize and tweak food to your own taste. However, are there keto options at Jersey Mike’s Subs? 

Yes! According to the online menu, there are 49 keto items at Jersey Mike’s Subs with under 20g of net carbs. Rather than ordering a classic sub on bread, you can ask for a sandwich in a tub, meaning you skip the bread altogether but can still enjoy your lunch. We recommend the #6, Roast Beef and Provolone (in a tub), or go for #1, the classic BLT (also in a tub).

If you’d rather have something else, you can order a range of different soups: Minestrone, Chicken Gumbo, Cream of Broccoli, and Vegetable Beef and Barley all make good keto choices at Jersey Mike’s Subs. 

You might be tempted by the Peanut Butter Cookie as a sweet after your main dish, and it is suitable for those following a keto diet, but be careful — it contains 17 total carbohydrates, so it could easily push you over your daily carbohydrate target. Eating keto at Jersey Mike’s Subs isn’t impossible, but make sure you’re sensible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, they do not have an official Jersey Mike's keto menu but all of their subs can be ordered in a tub and the carb counts can be found above in the menu section.
The Chicken Philly Cheesesteak at Jersey Mike's contains over 60g of net carbs and it not keto friendly. However it can be ordered 'In a tub' which decreases the net carbohydrates to 9g and is keto friendly.
The best keto option at Jersey Mike's is a BLT in a tub which only contains 8g of net carbs or a cup of Minestrone soup which also contains 8g of net carbs.

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