Jersey Mike's Subs Vegetarian Menu

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a popular sandwich chain, with almost 2,000 restaurant locations around the United States (plus 5 more spread around Australia and Canada). Much like at Subway, sandwiches here are made to order, meaning you can order off the menu but you can also customize and tweak your food to your taste. This is great news for people who don’t eat meat, as it means you can easily find vegetarian food at Jersey Mike’s Subs. 

According to the online menu, there are 21 vegetarian options at Jersey Mike’s Subs (though many of these are dessert options—the TastyKake flavors may vary from restaurant to restaurant, but they are all pretty delicious!). If you exclude desserts and chips, you’ll have 6 vegetarian menu items to choose from. At breakfast time, enjoy an egg and cheese sandwich. Later on in the day, you could have a cold sub of veggies, or go for the hot portabella and Swiss cheese sub—it’s melty and delicious. Bulk out your meal with French fries or a tossed salad.

Don’t forget that to order vegetarian food at Jersey Mike’s Subs, you can customize as you order. Add whatever extra veggies and salad options you like (why not order it “Mike’s Way?) and add sauces and relishes to taste.

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