Zoes Kitchen Vegetarian Menu

Zoe's Kitchen is known for its food made with wholesome ingredients. It includes chicken and pasta salads to pitas. Is Zoe's Kitchen vegetarian-friendly? You'll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to order vegetarian here.

According to the online menu and allergen information, there are 10 vegetarian options that you can order at Zoe's Kitchen. What can you order? You can order the Mediterranean Lentil Soup, Veggie Kabob, Braised White Beans, or their hummus. But if you'd like more of a meal to fill you up, there is the cauliflower rice bowl and quinoa bowl, but remember to order without meat or cheese to keep it vegetarian.

If you'd like to keep things on the lighter side, there is the Live Med Salad (make sure to order without Parmesan) and Quinoa Salad without the feta cheese. While the options are limited at Zoe's Kitchen, it's possible to eat healthy vegetarian meals here.

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