Zoes Kitchen Keto Menu

Fast-casual restaurant chain Zoes Kitchen is known for offering pitas, chicken salad, and grilled chicken sandwiches as well as comfort food items inspired by the cuisine of the Mediterranean. You have to know what to order and what to avoid, but Zoes Kitchen is a good option if you are on the keto diet and you will be able to find something to satisfy your hunger.

According to official nutrition information, there are as many as 13 keto options available at Zoes Kitchen, depending on your carb allowance.

The keto food at Zoes Kitchen includes options such as the kabobs. You can choose options such as the Steak Kabob, Chicken Kabob, Shrimp Kabob, Salmon Kabob, and the Spicy Chicken Kabob.

There are other great keto options at Zoes Kitchen such as the Cauliflower Rice Bowl, Protein Power Plate, Marinated Slaw, Chicken Side Salad, Roasted Vegetables, and the Chicken Orzo Soup. There are also delicious sauce options at Zoes Kitchen that are keto-friendly. They include the Harissa, Tzatziki, Zoes Greek Dressing, Lemon Herb Tahini, Spicy Aioli, and the Skhug.

If you are on the keto diet, you are going to want to avoid options like the Hummus at Zoes Kitchen. You also want to avoid menu items such as the Pasta, Rollups, Hummus, Pitas, Corn, Quinoa, and the Quesadillas. Any sandwich items should also be avoided to stay within the scope of your keto diet. The good news is the fact that there are a lot of other options that will help you to stick to your dietary requirements when you are on the keto diet.

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