Schlotzsky's Keto Menu

Schlotzsky’s is a fast-casual restaurant that boasts large portions of comfort food including everything from sandwiches to pizza. The food is promised to be much more than typical fast food and is made-to-order every time. Most of the items on the menu can be ordered in small, medium or large depending on your appetite but are there any keto options at Schlotzsky's?

We've analyzed to the nutrition information on their website and found 7 keto options at Schlotzsky’s with under 20g of carbs. Sandwiches are the specialty at Schlotzsky's but unfortunately due to the bread, all of these options clock in at over 35g of carbs. Of course you can remove the bread from any of these to make it keto-friendly but what about the other keto food at Schlotzsky's?

Unfortunately Schlotzsky’s keto menu is limited to salads such as Turkey Avocado Cobb, Chicken Caesar or Southwestern Chicken. There are 2 sizes of salads so make sure to choose the "Pick Two" size which has less carbs. Be careful with the dressings as they can add to the carb count, we recommend sticking to keto-friendly dressings like Blue Cheese, Ranch, Italian, Caesar or Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The other choice for keto food at Schlotzsky’s is the selection of soups; Broccoli Cheddar (14g) and Chicken Noodle (18g) though they're higher on the carbs.

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