Firehouse Subs Keto Menu

Firehouse Subs is a popular fast food casual restaurant that sells mostly subs. They have locations all over the US. Even though Firehouse Subs have bread, you can get keto options from there. However, we have researched their menu and nutritional information to help you realize what’s the keto items at Firehouse Subs are.

According to the official nutrition menu, there are 20 keto options available at Firehouse Subs with under 20g of net carbs.

We could tell you all you have to do is just order without the bread, but thankfully in recent years, Firehouse Subs have options you can order without substitutions. An example would be the Firehouse Chopped Side Salad, which is just 5 net carbs. There is also a chicken and turkey salad that can be ordered as well as a non-meat one. Remember to be careful of what dressing you get with these salads, because some can make you go over your carb limit.

If you don’t want a salad, you could ask for the meat that would be on the subs by itself, and most are 0 net carbs. Some meats, such as pastrami and USDA Choice Steak, have some carbs in them, so you’ll want to be careful if you are doing strict keto. If you’re allowing higher carbs on keto, there are a variety of soups that you can have.

The chicken and dumpling soup is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner which has 10 net carbs. If you are craving a treat and have room in your macros, you can have the Rice Krispies treat. As you can see, there’s a wide range of options that you can get for under 20 carbs.

As long you avoid the bread, you can have anything at Firehouse Subs that will fit your macros.

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