Togo's Keto Menu

Togo's Eateries or simply known as Togo's is an American fast-casual sandwich restaurant chain that caters to more than 180 locations all over the US. Tagged as the "West Coast Original", this restaurant has continuously gained popularity for its meaty and fresh-made sandwiches. If you just started your keto diet and wondering if there are any keto foods available at Togo's, ask no more because the short answer is yes.

According to the official nutrition menu, there are 9 keto options available at Togo's with under 20g of total carbohydrates.

For keto eaters, sandwiches are generally off-limits because of the high carb count of the bread. But does this rule apply to Togo's sandwiches as well? Not really. As long as your carb count allows, you can opt for a custom choice bread and wrap at Togo's. We recommend Classic White bread with 9g of total carbohydrates and Whole-wheat bread with 10g for the base of your sandwich.

Salads are also available for keto eaters. The Chicken Caesar, half is your best bet for a low-carb salad with its 14g of total carbohydrates. The Farmer's Market, half also makes a good keto choice with its adequate total carbohydrates of 16g.

If you are in the mood for some Togo's soup, you can always opt for the Garden Vegetable and the Broccoli Cheddar that have 18g and 16g of total carbohydrates respectively.

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