Fazoli's Vegan Menu

Fazoli’s is one of America’s most popular Italian food serving restaurants in the world. All vegan dieters will be happy to know that there are multiple items on Fazoli’s vegan menu for you to choose from.

Based on our extensive research and their online menu, there are 5 vegan options at Fazoli’s that do not contain animal products. Although the fast-casual American-Italian restaurant is known for its delicious Ravioli, Lasagna, Pizzas, and Sandwiches, most of them are made using dairy or meat. However, when looking for the ready-made Fazoli’s vegan options, you can opt for any of the following vegan food suggestions.

If you are craving a plant-based meal, the Build Your Own Vegan Pasta option opens multiple variations for you to try. We recommend opting for the Penne-Style Pasta and topping it with their delicious Marinara Sauce.

Some other vegan choices at Fazoli's include customizing one of the non-vegan salads like the Chicken Bacon Caesar Salad or Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad by requesting the servers to avoid adding cheese, croutons, and meat while preparing your order.

Lastly, here’s a secret for vegan items at Fazoli’s: Ask the servers to get you some Dry Breadsticks, and keeping your vegan diet in mind, they will create a whole batch of garlic butter-free breadsticks just for you.


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