Domino's Pizza Vegan Menu

Everybody knows and loves Domino’s for its customizable and delicious pizzas, as well as its pasta dishes, chicken wings, and sandwiches. It has around 17,000 restaurants and to-go joints all around the world, all offering slight variations on the main theme: pizza. Unfortunately, there is no specific vegan menu at Domino’s, but you can still enjoy tasty pizza if you know the right things to order.


According to its online menu, there are 6 vegan options at Domino’s (if you ask for no cheese), but the whole menu is customizable, which makes the real number of vegan options much higher. We recommend ordering a build-your-own pizza and customizing it with your favorite vegetable toppings—choose from onions, banana peppers, mushrooms, spinach, and the always controversial pineapple. Just don’t forget to specify no cheese!


You’ll also need to watch out for the pizza base and the sauces. The Brooklyn-style and hand-tossed bases both contain dairy, so you’ll want to make sure you order a thin-crust pizza instead. The classic pizza sauce is a vegan item at Domino’s, but you should avoid the other pizza sauces (ranch, hearty marinara, etc. all contain dairy or honey). In terms of dips, vegans can enjoy the garlic, hot Buffalo, and Italian dipping sauces without worry. 

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