Domino's Pizza Vegetarian Menu

Dominos is a popular pizza chain in The United States and is known for its meat-loaded pizzas, different crust types, and dipping sauces including the iconic garlic dipping sauce. Over the past couple of years, they have slowly incorporated more vegetarian and vegan options into their menu, making it a more exciting place for vegetarians to get takeout.

There are 26 options for vegetarians at Dominos including pizzas, sides, and dipping sauces.

There are three vegetarian pizzas including the original cheese and tomato, the Vegi supreme, and the Vegi Volcano for those who like spice in their food. There's also a further range of vegan pizzas which replace regular cheese with vegan cheese and include a mix of plant-based proteins to mimic the vegetarian and meat-based pizza options. The Chick-Ain't is comprised of vegan soya strips, vegetables, a generous layer of vegan cheese, and is built with an Italian-style crust. You can also get a vegan Margherita with either their classic or Italian crust.

Vegetarians also have several options for sides if you fancy upping your protein intake when ordering dominos. Their vegan nuggets are made of soya bean nuggets and coated in crispy southern-fried flavor breadcrumbs. There's also the expected cheesy garlic bread and the infamous potato wedges which you can dip in the vegan garlic and herb or BBQ dip. If you're feeling up to it, you can also choose from several dessert options including chocolate chip Cookies.

As always it's important to check the nutritional information, especially if you are particular about the animal bi-products you consume. Luckily, the dominos website makes it very clear which foods are suitable for which diets by including the vegetarian and vegan symbols next to each menu item. This means that you can order an item confidently knowing that it is made with your diet in mind.

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