Papa John's Pizza Vegetarian Menu

Papa John's is known for cheesy stuffed crust pizza, its garlic sauce, and its wide selection of sides to complement the pizzas. Despite a large amount of meat-based pizzas on their menu, Papa John's is surprisingly vegetarian friendly and even offers several vegan options that mimick their meat pizzas.

According to their official nutrition and allergen information, there are as many as 24 vegetarian choices at Papa Johns for you to choose from.

The most obvious choice from the vegetarian menu is the Margherita pizza. As a vegetarian, however, you'll know that this is a staple on any pizza menu and can get boring pretty fast. Luckily, there are several other pizza choices that are different from the aforementioned classic including the garden party which is layered with vegetables like peppers and sweetcorn, and The Greek which is covered in feta cheese, chopped tomatoes, and olives.

There's also a number of side options including the typical cheesy garlic bread and cheesy jalapeno bites that you can pair with your pizza. If you want something with a bit more protein, Papa John's also offers a range of vegan options including a Jackfruit "pepperoni" pizza.

While Papa John's has generous vegetarian options, there are certain items on the menu that you should avoid as a vegetarian. With some items, it may not be so obvious at first that they are not vegetarian-friendly. This is especially the case with their sides menu. For instance, they have cheesy potato tots on the menu but there is also a bacon version, so make sure to get the one without bacon!

There are also the Bee Sting bites that look like they don't include meat until you read the menu and realize they have pepperoni in them. To ensure that you order vegetarian items from Papa John's it's best to use the filters on the web page which will remove any non-vegetarian items from the menu.

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