Pizza Hut Vegetarian Menu

Pizza Hut is a popular chain in The United States beloved for its no-frills pizzas and buffet-style dining. They're also famed for their desserts, including their ice cream station where you can load up on as many toppings as you want, as well as their indulgent cookie dough pizza. Over the years, Pizza Hut has broadened their vegetarian menu and have also become accessible to vegans.

There are 29 vegetarian items available at Pizza Hut, not including drinks.

Like most fast food establishments, Pizza Hut initially offered staple vegetarian options such as the classic Margherita pizza but now they have broadened their toppings and also have included the Veggie Pepperphoni feast, the Virtuous Veggie Flatbread, and The Melting Marg for the ultimate cheese pizza. Aside from main meals including pasta and pizzas, Pizza Hut offers a buffet that features vegetarian pizza and side options found on the main menu, as well as a selection of side salads and pasta. Pizza

Hut is generous with their sides menu and while some of them are not suitable for vegetarians like the Barbeque Chicken Wings, most of them do not use meat products. For vegetarians that can't decide what toppings they want on their pizza, you have the option to make your own, although you have to pay for the extra toppings.

Pizza Hut is starting to cater well to vegans by incorporating vegan cheese and other plant-based proteins into their pizzas. It's easy to order as a vegan even when making your own pizzas as you can swap out regular cheese with vegan cheese. You also get a free salad with every meal which is great for boosting your nutritional intake (although this might not be such a concern when ordering at Pizza Hut. Be careful to check whether it comes with a dressing that isn't vegan though.

The menu online and in-store is incredibly easy to read. Pizza Hut has included the vegetarian and vegan symbols next to meals that fit this category, meaning you can quickly identify what menu items are suitable for you to eat.

Pizza Hut also has other delicious vegetarian options such as garlic breadsticks or cinnamon rolls.

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