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Following the keto diet at a pizza restaurant can be quite difficult. Pizza Hut is one of the more popular Pizza chains in the world with over 17,000 locations. They're most well known and loved for their signature Stuffed Crust Pizza but are there any keto foods at Pizza Hut?

We've analyzed their nutrition menu and found that there are 33 keto options available at Pizza Hut depending on your carb allowance. Unfortunately, if you're looking to eat keto at Pizza Hut, pizza won't really be an option for you. Pizza Hut does not have an official keto menu or even a low carb option like a cauliflower crust as of this moment.

The lowest carb option is the 12" Thin n Crispy pizza which has 20g of carbs per slice minimum and can increase depending on the toppings. If you are dying for pizza and have your full carb allowance left, you should be able to eat one slice and not kick yourself out of ketosis. Maybe skip the crust just in case!

Since the restaurant has recently gotten rid of their salads, the only other keto friendly option at Pizza Hut is the wings. The Traditional Wings are not breaded and are much lower in carbs than the Bone Out Wings. We suggest choosing the All American or Garlic Parmesan sauces as they contain only 3g of carbs for a 6 piece serving. Compare that to the Buffalo Bone Out Wings which have 17g of carbs for only two pieces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pizza Hut does not have a keto menu or cater directly to keto dieters; there is no cauliflower or low carb crust available yet. However, there are still some keto options to choose from such as their Traditional Wings.
The smallest size Pizza Hut offers is a 12" Thin Crust Pizza. According to their nutrition menu, 1 slice of 12" Thin Crust Pizza contains 20g of net carbs. There are a few other options that hover around the same carb count. While pizza is definitely not keto, if you can limit yourself to one slice, you may be able to squeeze it into your daily carb allowance. Just make sure to avoid carbs completely before or afterwards.
Pizza Hut wings can be keto friendly if you know exactly what to order. The lowest carb options are the All American and Garlic Parmesan sauces. You'll want to stick to the Traditional Wings as they are much lower in carbs than the Bone Out Wings. For example, a 6-piece of Traditional Wings with Garlic Parmesan contains only 3g of net carbs compared to the Bone Out Wings which contain 10g of net carbs for only two pieces!
Not yet! Pizza Hut experimented with skinny slices back in 2014 but it has since been taken off the menu. The lowest carb option currently is the Thin n Crispy, which contains a minimum of 20g of carbs for 1 slice.
One slice of Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza contains 20g of carbs.
Pizza Hut cheese sticks contain 19g of net carbs per breadstick!

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