Little Caesars Pizza Keto Menu

Who doesn't know Little Caesars? With 4,172 branches in the United States alone, along with branches on 27 different countries, this third largest American multi-national pizza chain, offers a variety of pizza options, with their 3 Meat Treat, Pepperoni and Cheese Stuffed crust, and the ExtraMostBestest, topping the list of popular items. Although Little Caesars may not be the first thing you think about if you wanted a keto meal, you can however, customize a few items on the menu for you to achieve a low carb solution.

According to their official nutrition information, there are up to 13 keto options at Little Caesar's, depending on your remaining carb allowance. A slice of a thin crust, ExtraMostBestest in cheese or pepperoni, contains no more than 19g of net carbs. Customizing your pizza is a great way to isolate ingredients that are not keto-friendly or ingredients that can be high in carbs.

Other topping options such as bacon, sausage, ham, Canadian ham, green pepper, onion, fresh mushrooms, black olives, jalapeno peppers, and mild banana peppers are a good choice as long as it is matched with a thin crust base with mild sauce, and small amount of cheese. You can also request for a tomato sauce that is made from a tomato blend with herbs and spices that has less net carbs than a regular sauce.

A more keto friendly choice at Litle Caesars is their wings such as the Traditional oven-roasted wings, and slightly-coated Garlic Parmesan and Buffalo Caesar wings. Sweet sauces like BBQ are going to be higher in carbs so you should ask for your wings to be lightly coated and if possible, have it roasted instead of being fried. That can be safely matched with a Butter Garlic flavor dip.

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