Mellow Mushroom Keto Menu

Mellow Mushroom wants you to enjoy its fresh stone-baked pizza in an eclectic and family-friendly environment. Mellow Mushroom restaurants can be found in over 150 locations and offers an extensive menu far beyond pizza, making it surprisingly keto-friendly. 

According to the menu on the restaurant’s website there are 27 keto options at Mellow Mushroom. On the Munchies menu a keto-dieter could try a variety of different wings, hummus dip or meat balls. The magic mushroom soup is also a great keto option at Mellow Mushroom.

We would suggest avoiding the pizzas and calzones due to the high carb load but you can always try a salad on the Mellow Mushroom’s keto menu such as cobb salad, caesar salad or greek salad. The Hoagies on the menu are best avoided too because of the high carbs. The gluten free brownie is the lowest carb dessert coming in at 19g of fat and 43g of carbs if you wanted something sweeter. 

Mellow Mushroom has a large variety of proteins from chicken to sausage and beef to tempeh. All of which are low to zero carb and it would be worth asking ahead of time if you could add these proteins to your salad to make it more keto-friendly. The same goes for the cheeses. Mellow Mushroom has a lot of cheeses on offer so you could ask to add some to your salad such as feta, parmesan or montamore. 

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