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Pieology Keto Menu

Pieology Pizzeria is a California-based fast-casual restaurant known for their “build your own” custom pizzas, salads and desserts. Simply by this, we can already tell that maybe there is hope for those people who are into diets at this restaurants, specifically keto.

According to the official nutrition menu and available information online, we found out that there are up to 18 keto menu options at Pieology Pizzeria to choose from, depending on your carb allowance. Keto dieters looking to enjoy some pizza will have to stick to a maximum of one slice but there are handful of options to choose from that contain less than 15g of carbs per slice. They offer Veggie Pesto Pizza, Fire Grilled Chicken Pizza, and Mega Meat Pizza.

If that still isn’t enough to choose from, they also have Alfredo Bacon Chicken “ABC” Pizza, and their GF Cauliflower Pizza that only has 9 total carbohydrates. Overwhelming choices already, right? Don’t worry, they have more.

If you’re not in the mood for pizza and just happen to be at this place, other alternatives to try are their salads. They have their Greek Salad, Caesar Salad with All Natural Chicken (or without, whichever you prefer), and their Classic Italian Salad.

Something also to check out are Single-Topping Pie and Kid’s Bambino. Certainly, keto dieters are welcome to have a good dining experience at Pieology Pizzeria.

Pieology Keto Options


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