Old Chicago Keto Menu

Old Chicago prides itself on its pizza and beers which isn’t usually a keto-dieter’s heaven. However, there are some options for a keto diet. With over 60 restaurants in 24 states you can enjoy a laid back neighborhood feel wherever you are. 

According to the menu on the restaurant’s website there are 24 keto options at Old Chicago. On the Old Chicago keto menu we suggest avoiding the starters, all of which are very carb heavy. Keto items at Old Chicago include the boneless or bone-in wings which come with a lot of sauce like house-made ranch or house-made bleu cheese and are available in a lot of different sauces or dry-rubs. It is worth asking about the sugar content in these sauces and dry-rubs as these would amp up the carbs and Old Chicago does not provide specific nutrition information for these on its website. 

Pizza would also not be recommended but you could try one of the salads instead. Another keto option at Old Chicago that you could try is the spinach, chicken and avocado salad which ups the fat content with the avocado and parmesan. You can ask for an extra sauce, which again, would increase the fat content in this meal. You could also try the roasted chicken and apple walnut salad which includes bleu cheese crumbles and toasted walnuts. There is also a classic caesar salad and you could ask the server to hold the croutons. Keto-dieters can also try a burger and ask the restaurant not to include a bun. 

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