Blaze Pizza Keto Menu

Blaze Pizza is a New York-based chain specializing in customizable pizzas. They are known for their thin crust pizza, in particular, and have an emphasis on fresh ingredients. Whether you're looking for keto options or another diet, Blaze Pizza offers a variety of flavors to satisfy your cravings for something hot and fresh.

We've researched all the available information online and found there are 14 keto options at Blaze Pizza depending on your carb allowance. Blaze Pizza is one of the few pizza chains that offer a low carb crust for keto diners. Each slice has 2g of net carbs so you can actually indulge in a few slices! Their regular crust however contains about 15g of carbs per slice, so stay away from those.

The sides here are carb heavy options like garlic knots or cheesy bread so we recommend checking out the salad menu. There are over 12 salad choices to choose from and some are well under 10g of net carbs like the BLT Cobb Side Salad, Classic Greek Salad and the Tomatoes & Mozzarella salad which all have 7g of carbs and make a great side dish for your keto pizza at Blaze Pizza.

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