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MOD Pizza is a fast-casual dining establishment that specializes in all things pizza. With that in mind, you’re probably thinking the menu is pretty heavy on the carbohydrates—you might be asking yourself how to order keto at MOD Pizza. With so many bread-based items on the menu, it’s no easy feat!

According to the nutrition menu, there are 94 keto items at MOD Pizza with under 20g of net carbs, but the vast majority of these are pizza toppings without the pizza itself. It is possible to order a pizza with a cauliflower base but unfortunately it is not low-carb as it contains 84g of net carbs! The mini 6-inch crust also is too high in carbs, as it contains 38g. Your best bet for a keto meal at MOD Pizza will be their huge salad selection.

There are a few to choose from, but there are still rather a lot of carbohydrates in them, so you’ll want to watch what you’re eating for the rest of the day. We suggest the Garden MOD salad, which contains 11 net carbohydrates if you order it without dressing. Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Blue Cheese dressing if you want to avoid adding more carbs. 

If you’re looking for additional keto options at MOD Pizza, you can always create your own salad to make sure it’s low in carbs. You can add pizza toppings to your salad, including Anchovies, Mild Sausage, and Pepperoni, all of which contain 0 total carbohydrates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cauliflower Crust at MOD Pizza contains 87g of net carbs and is not suitable for a keto diet.
No, MOD Pizza does not offer a keto crust option as of this time.
Eating keto at MOD Pizza is possible if you create your own salad using pizza toppings. However there are not any keto friendly pizza options at MOD Pizza yet.

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