MOD Pizza Vegan Menu

MOD Pizza is a popular pizza joint that also has a range of salads on its menu. With over 400 locations around the US, the chain has a great system of allowing customers to order pizzas to their own taste, meaning it’s actually fairly easy to order vegan food at MOD Pizza. In fact, we analyzed the online menu and allergen information and found that there are 5 vegan items at MOD Pizza if you order straight from the menu, or an almost infinite number of other options if you’re building your own. 

We recommend the Maddy pizza made with dairy-free cheese instead of mozzarella, or the Lucy Sunshine or Dillon James pizzas, making sure to swap out mozzarella, asiago, and parmesan for vegan cheese instead. Alternatively, go healthy and order the Garden Salad.

If you’d prefer to build your own pizza, you have a whole world of options open to you! Choose from 2 crust choices (the cauliflower crust contains milk and egg, so this should be avoided), 5 sauces, 28 veggie toppings, and 7 drizzles to garnish. You can even add a vegan meat topping if you like, as MOD offers a Plant-Based Italian Sausage now, too. Delicious! 

As is true almost everywhere you’re trying to eat out, you’ll find a few hidden animal products on the menu. So, if you’re eating vegan at MOD Pizza, avoid the Croutons, the Pesto, and the Sriracha. Otherwise, it should be pretty obvious what’s safe for vegans!

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