MOD Pizza Gluten Free Menu

MOD Pizza is a popular restaurant chain that specializes in all things pizza (though they also have a few salads on the menu) across 400 locations in the United States. Finding a tasty gluten free pizza can be near impossible; you may have heard of MOD Pizza and wondered if it’s possible to order gluten free at MOD Pizza..

We analyzed the online menu and allergen information and found that there are up to 83 gluten-free items at MOD Pizza depending on your level of gluten sensitivity, including various toppings, sauces, cheeses, and extras. If you want to order a pizza, you have two gluten-free options at MOD Pizza: a Cauliflower Crust pizza or a Gluten-Friendly Crust pizza.

Once you’ve chosen your crust, nearly all the toppings and extras are suitable for those following a gluten-free diet, so you can enjoy a variety of pizzas. If you’d prefer to order straight off the menu, all of the regular pizzas are gluten free — just watch out for the Flash MODs, which change seasonally. 

If you’d rather order a salad, remember to say no to croutons, as these are not gluten-free items at MOD Pizza. None of the salad dressings contain gluten, so you can enjoy a salad from the menu or create your own.

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