Domino's Pizza Gluten Free Menu

As the county's largest pizza brand, Domino's is one of the popular spot for American's to get their cheesy fix. By virtue of its status, Domino's offers a variety of gluten free alternatives on its menu. How do the gluten free items at Domino's compare to other pizza chains?

According to their official ingredients and allergen information, there are as many as 7 gluten free options at Domino's, depending on your level of gluten sensitivity. Thankfully, Domino's has made an effor to cater to the millions of customers who were looking for a gluten free pizza option. They now offer a gluten free Pizza crust which can be substituted in any of their popular pizza options. These can be paired with their Hearty Marinara or Robust Tomato sauces as well as over 20 gluten free pizza toppings.

While this is a huge win for many gluten free dieters, customers with celiac disease or a high level of gluten sensitivity should still exercise caution as even these gluten free crust pizzas are prepared on shared surfaces which can lead to cross-contamination and make them very sick.

Should you find yourself looking for something other than pizza, Domino's also offers a decent selection of gluten free Chicken Wings and Salads, such as their Chicken Apple pecan Salad or the Classic Garden Salad.

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