Papa Murphy's Gluten Free Menu

Papa Murphy's is a well known pizza restaurant that is best known for their take-and-bake format. Papa Murphy's is now offering Gluten free pizza that provide customer a choice to eat a gluten-free crust.

According to their official allergen and nutrition menu, there are as many as 21 gluten free options at Papa Murphy's, depending on your level of gluten sensitivity.

There is only one type of gluten free crust available right now which is offered in medium size.  There are also safe toppings that you can add to your gluten free pizza such as cheddar, feta, ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan and provolone. In addition to toppings, you can also add anchovies, jalapenos, banana peppers, pickles, herb and cheese blend, pineapples, salami, olive oil, olives, pepperoni, and sun-dried tomatoes.

Eating gluten free menu in Papa Murphy's is easy, since you have many options to choose to, from the toppings and cheeses. Don't be afraid to let the staff know if you have gluten intolerance so the staff could take the proper precautions in preparing your pizza such as changing gloves.

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