Papa Murphy's Keto Menu

Papa Murphy's is a pizza restaurant franchise with over 1000 locations across the United Stated and Canada. They are known for their take-and-bake concept where people can buy and customize their pizza from the store, and bake it to perfection at the comfort of their own home. This idea sets them apart from other pizzerias by allowing customers to experience tasty, fresh, and healthy meal options since they make their dough from scratch, grate their mozzarella, and hand slice their vegetables, every day. Knowing how they value health and nutrition, we've researched their nutrition information to assist you in effortlessly ordering keto at Papa Murphy's.

According to their official nutrition information, we found there are 43 keto options at Papa Murphy's with 20g of carbs or less. Let's start with their bestseller-- The Herb Chicken Mediterranean. This is often requested because of its healthy but juicy toppings some of which are olive oil and garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, herb chicken, and zesty herbs over artisan thin crust. Although this pizza itself is already nutritious enough, they also recently made available their new low-carb, crustless pizza.

These crustless pizzas are specifically made for guests following the keto diet and although the choice of customizing one's pizza is available, they also have ready-made options and some of them are Cowboy, Papa's All Meat, Papa's Favorite, Chicken Bacon Artichoke, and Gourmet Vegetarian. If you want to branch out and try something different, take note that their Thin Family Pizza Slices and Thin large Pizza Slices menus also provide a number of keto options.

Other keto-friendly alternatives include their Cream Cheese Frosting dessert and their Chicken Bacon Artichoke Salad, which is best ordered without dressing or croutons. By now, we can say that Papa Murphy's is indeed a keto-friendly restaurant for those days that you are craving pizza.

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