MOD Pizza Vegetarian Menu

MOD Pizza is a restaurant chain that sells—you guessed it—pizza. It’s a fast-casual dining establishment with more than 400 locations around the United States. As well as pizzas, the menu offers a range of salads to help customers get a healthier meal if they want to. You can order pizza on a cauliflower base if you like, or go for a gluten-free base instead of a regular one. But what about vegetarians? Are there vegetarian options at MOD Pizza?

Yes! We analyzed the online menu and allergen information and found that there are 9 vegetarian items at MOD Pizza. From the menu, we recommend the Dillon James or the Maddy (MOD’s take on a classic cheese pizza). Alternatively, opt for the garden or Italian chop salad. If you want to go off-piste, build your own pizza. Start with a base, then add a sauce and toppings of your choice until you’ve got your ideal meal, made fresh to order. 

Watch out for products that seem vegetarian but aren’t — Parmesan cheese is usually made with animal rennet, so you might want to skip that, as well as the pesto sauce and white sauce, which both contain Parmesan.

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