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Pieology Vegan Menu

Pieology Pizzeria is an American fast-casual pizza chain that is probably known for its custom pizzas and affordable pricing. They offer four types of crusts and over 40 choices of sauces, toppings, and after bakes, for you to create your perfect pizza. For people who are on specialized diets, customized meals are often lifesavers to make food that suits their diet, but is it possible to create a vegan meal at Pieology Pizzeria?

According to the ingredients list provided on their website, there are 7 vegan-friendly options at Pieology Pizza that do not contain animal products.

You’ll obviously have to avoid the pizzas that are served with meat, and that includes Pioelogy Pizzeria’s signature pizzas namely the Western BBQ Pizza, Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, and the Mega Meat Pizza. Nevertheless, eating vegan at Pieology Pizzeria doesn’t have to be that hard as vegans can create their own pizza with available vegan-friendly ingredients.

Starting with the base/crust of your customized pizza, we highly recommend the Gluten-Free Crust that is made from rice, tapioca, potato, and other vegan-friendly seasonings. Choosing the sauce would be the next step. For the sauce, you can opt for the House-Made Red and the Sunflower-Olive Oil Blend. To make your pizza extra special, we suggest adding the Daiya Dairy-Free Mozarella. Lastly, for the toppings, you can select the Red Pepper Flakes and other available vegetables like mushrooms and fresh basil.

The all-time favorite vegan meal, salads, is also available at Pieology Pizzeria. For your vegan salad base, we suggest Spinach or Romaine Lettuce. For vegan salad protein options, you can opt for the Beef Meatballs, Diced Chicken, and the Spicy Italian Sausage Rounds that are all plant-based meats. For more flavors, you can add the Daiya Mozzarella as well.

Pieology Vegan Options


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