Pizza Hut Vegan Menu

Pizza Hut is an incredibly popular fast-food pizza chain, with more than 18,000 restaurant locations all over the world. As well as pizza, you can enjoy tasty pasta dishes, chicken wings, and some tempting desserts. If you’re wondering whether you can find vegan food at Pizza Hut, look no further.


According to their online nutrition menu, there are 30 vegan options at Pizza Hut, as long as you remember to say no to cheese on your pizza. This may not sound like a huge range of choice, but the good news is that you can customize your food to your own taste and dietary requirements, so the possibilities are pretty much endless. You can order the veggie lover’s pizza from the menu, with no cheese, or we recommend creating your own cheeseless pizza. This handy feature of the Pizza Hut vegan menu allows diners to design a pizza from scratch, choosing from a range of toppings.


At one point, Pizza Hut was trialling a Beyond Meat pizza for its vegetarian and vegan customers (although it did still contain dairy cheese). It was only available for a limited time, but it could return to the menu in the future—keep your eyes peeled!

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