Panera Bread Vegan Menu

Panera Bread is, unsurprisingly, a great place to go for food if you’re looking for baked goods: bagels, French loaves, and artisanal ciabatta are just a few examples of the numerous bread options you can choose from to build a sandwich or snack to your taste. But is there a vegan menu at Panera Bread, and is there enough available for vegans to enjoy? 


According to the online nutritional menu, there are 16 vegan options at Panera Bread, as well as 5 sides that you can add to bulk out your meal. At breakfast time, you can enjoy oatmeal or an almond milk and fruit smoothie. For lunch or dinner, we recommend choosing the ten vegetable soup or the mediterranean veggie sandwich—just ask for no feta, and make sure to choose a vegan bread (black pepper focaccia is always a winner, but there are 5 choices of vegan bread if that doesn’t appeal to you).


Vegan items at Panera Bread are, of course, made without any animal products, including enzymes or animal-based rennet, but you should be aware that the restaurant’s website specifies that there is no guarantee that there will be no cross-contact in their kitchen.

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