Panera Bread Gluten Free Menu

Panera Bread is a popular destination for people looking for baked goods. Head to one of the 2,000 locations and you’ll find bagels, rustic loaves, and a variety of sweet bakery items, ranging from cookies and brownies to pastries and cakes. With such a variety of carb-heavy items, you may have found it difficult to find the gluten-free food at Panera Bread but we're here to help.

According to their online allergen menu , there are up to 21 gluten-free options at Panera Bread depending on your gluten sensitivity, as well as 6 items that have been flagged as “may contain gluten.”

All the bagels, breads, and baked goods contain gluten, but you can still easily find plenty of gluten-free choices. We recommend a Fruit Cup or Hard Boiled Eggs if you’re dining at breakfast time; the Mixed Berries with Greek Yogurt and the Steel Cut Oatmeal with Strawberries and Pecans may contain gluten, but you can talk to your server to find out more.

Other gluten-free options at Panera Bread include a range of salads (we suggest the Southwest Chile Lime with Chicken, or the Strawberry Poppyseed). All salad dressings are free from gluten, so you can enjoy your meal without worry. If you’re looking for a winter warmer, we suggest the Baked Potato Soup or Turkey Chili with Beans — both delicious gluten-free choices at Panera Bread.

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