First Watch Vegan Menu

First Watch calls itself the Daytime Cafe, and it’s easy to see why. Its menu serves up a range of breakfast- and brunch-style items, including Avocado Toast, Eggs Benedict, and Pancakes. When you’re eating breakfast food like this, it’s often hard to find any vegan choices on the menu. Well, if you’re wondering how to order vegan at First Watch, we’re here to help.

We’ve analyzed the online menu and allergen information to find out exactly how to do it. According to our research, there are 8 vegan options at First Watch. It’s fairly obvious that you’ll have to avoid anything with eggs, so Eggs Benedict, Omelets, and anything else from the “Egg-sclusives” section of the menu will be a no. However, you can still find great vegan choices at First Watch. We recommend the Avocado Toast for a brunch staple, or go for something even more Instagrammable and order the A.M. Superfoods Bowl. This is made with a chia seed pudding as the base, which seems creamy but is actually dairy free. 

Another great vegan option at First Watch is the Chicken Avocado Chop Salad, ordered with no chicken and no feta, and no whipped butter on the accompanying ciabatta roll. 

Watch out for items with hidden animal-derived products. The Market Veggie Sandwich comes with butter, mozzarella, mayo, and pesto, meaning it’s hard to turn this into a vegan option without making some heavy substitutions. Similarly, the Veggie Burger comes on a brioche bun, made with both eggs and milk. The patty itself is vegan, so you may be able to ask for it on a ciabatta roll instead — just don’t forget to say no to whipped butter and Dijonnaise, too.

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