First Watch Vegetarian Menu

First Watch may sound like a typical cafe but there's more to them than that. With over more than 420 locations across 28 states, they named themselves the daytime cafe as to how they serve avocado toast, smoked salmon eggs benedict, farm stand breakfast tacos, lemon ricotta pancakes, some fresh juice, and many more meals that one can enjoy to kick off the day. But as they create an appetizing and inviting menu list for their customers, did they also make space for vegetarians?

We've researched and analyzed all the information available online and found out that there are up to 11 vegetarian options at First Watch restaurant for customers to choose from. For chill days where you are in the mood for something light, we recommend their Maple-lemon Vinaigrette and their Varied Citrus or Vinaigrette Dressings. Their Superfood Kale Salad and Chicken Avocado Chop Salad is something to look out for as well, but best keep in mind to order it without cheese and chicken.

Trying out their main course is the way to go if you want heavier meals or for days where you have a full schedule on your list. It has the Avocado Toast or Sandwich that one can enjoy only by tweaking it a little or ordering it without eggs. If not, their Steel Cut Oatmeal is also a good alternative, but keep in mind to order it without milk. Their Pesto Chicken Quinoa Bowl (without chicken or feta) and A.M Superfoods Bowl are also things to consider if those are still not satisfying enough.

To fully enjoy the meals and make them even more interesting, they also offer side dishes such as Hearty Vegetable Soup, Bowl of Fruit, and their Mixed Greens Side Salad without the cheese. At this point, we can already say that First Watch indeed thought about their vegetarian guests. Hopefully, customers would check out on them too.

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