Red Robin Vegan Menu

If you love gourmet burgers and brews, Red Robin is one of the most popular casual dining restaurants across America with over 570 locations. Luckily for plant-based diners, the chain makes it a point to provide clear and transparent information about ingredients and allergens; so we can confidently say there is plenty of vegan friendly food to choose from at Red Robin!

According to their ingredients and allergen information, there are 25 vegan options at Red Robin that contain no animal products. While most of their burgers are meat-based, they do offer the Impossible Burger as an alternative protein which can be substituted for any of their other burger items.

The most obvious option for anyone looking to eat vegan at Red Robin is the Veggie Vegan Burger, which is vegan-friendly exactly as it comes. The Impossible Cheeseburger however comes with Cheese and Mayo which you will need to remove to make it vegan. There is also a Veggie Burger option, but to make it vegan you'll just need to order it without the cheese.

Aside from burgers, Red Robin also offers a couple of Pizza options like the Very Vegy Pizza (unfortunately it does not include vegan cheese)  as well as a Create-Your-Own Pizza option and 9 vegan toppings to choose from.

Finally, there are the usual suspects like Salads (neither of which are 100% vegan and require substitutions/omissions) and a decent selection of vegan sides like Broccoli, Sweet Potato Fries and Pretzel Bites.

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